Operating since 1896, the Medical Benevolent Association of NSW (MBANSW) is an independent, charitable organisation that provides counselling and financial assistance during crises, illness, impairment and grief in support of:

  • medical practitioners and their families
  • families of deceased medical practitioners
  • others as determined by the Council.

MBANSW provides confidential, supportive counselling and short term financial assistance during a crisis and recovery period with view to an eventual return to independence.

Assistance is provided at short notice by an experienced and confidential social worker and supported by an elected honorary group of 20 doctors from a wide variety of medical backgrounds. It includes financial assistance and may be ongoing for short periods.

The MBANSW is entirely supported by tax deductible donations.

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A message from our President:

"It is our aim to ensure that every doctor in NSW and ACT is aware that when help is needed, assistance is available from the MBANSW. Please phone our Social Worker if you are worried about your own or a colleague’s situation."